Grand Rapids Kick-Off Luncheon

IMG_20170801_115153028_HDRAs far as Kick Off Luncheons go, we oftentimes find ourselves dreading them and wondering, “Why am I attending this again? Oh right, for the free food.”

Well, there was free food at the Grand Rapids Kick Off Luncheon, and even a sundae bar, but that’s not what made this event a Kick Off to remember. Bob Geer, founder of the Facebook group, “If You Grew Up in Grand Rapids Then You Remember …” came to the luncheon unsure of what to expect and not really convinced that being a team captain was for him. But his love for his grandson who has bipolar disorder, and in the hope of finding a way to support him. After hearing what Director, Kevin Fischer and Board President, Holly Rhode had to say, Bob said,”I can now see the mission and what they are trying to do. Once I listened to what they had to say I thought, I want to give this a shot. I want to be a team captain.”

It’s safe to say that many in the room felt the same as Bob by the end of the presentation. We aren’t doing this walk merely to hit a number or have a record number of walkers. We are doing this walk to raise awareness and to help individuals get help and support they need at no cost to them because we were able to raise enough capital to fund the programs and classes we have to offer them. And for every walker who gets out there and stands up with NAMI, that’s another person saying, “I am here to help stop stigma! I am here to support Mental Health!” The more people standing up, the more awareness gets spread across Grand Rapids and across the state.

So the questions is, will you stand up with us? Whether you raise $1 or $1000, we want you to stand up with us and help put an end to the Stigma surrounding Mental Health. And we NEED your help supporting the programs that help those in need of a place to go when there is nowhere else to turn.

You can register for the Grand Rapids Walk HERE 

or the Detroit Walk HERE

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